Worst induction

Novadays most companies tells you that they have great induction/intro for new employees but… is it true? Is it any true? And what if they really try but someone else is throwing their good job away?

I can be seen at linkedin as “jumper” – I have a lot of different companies in my CV and I don’t feel wrong with this. Just I wan’t to work in a team that doesn’t suck at all. And in most cases it would be possible but as we discussed earlier – doesn’t work with feedback, doesn’t work with employees on “how to make it better” makes this places not so great.

I once worked in a company with great induction process prepared by HR department. It was really good one. Introduction to building, informations about all departments, who works where and what are they doing. Also what are company standards, etc. On company level and on mid level it was a great experience and I was really happy about.


Then I came into my Organization Unit, vel Department … place which holds 3-4 teams that are working on one client or one technology or in one business area. Doesnt matter but… I had to wait. No not 15 minutes because someone has a meeting. Nope. Person who should take me wasn`t prepared for it. This person told me directly “Yeah, i had this email that you are coming but i dont have time for you, lets meet day after tomorow at 1pm”.

Yes. Newjoiner comes to team and heard “sit there for two days doing nothing waiting for precious leader time to talk. This means “company doesnt value your time” and sorry but in that day i felt that there is a lot of wrong things there. But it doesnt ended here.

I found myself sth to do and after these two days we meet, and i had an “task” which is worst-case-scenario for newcommer -> you will get this project from X because he is leaving organisation.

Hey! People you really want to put together motivated, positive, full of energy, newcommer next to guy who is sick of this whole shit, want to get away as soon as he can to “share knowledge”. People… understand that this fuckin newcommer doesnt even know what to ask! Also when you are sharing knowledge you are sharing emotions, and while leaving you are not in good mood.

This is the best way to put your newcommer back on LinkedIn with status of “Looking for a job because here is shit”.

After few days or weeks of this kind of “knowledge sharing” this newcommer gets: part of needed knowledge. Part because I don’t know what to ask, what weird stuff goes under the hood that i should know … so now we have a person that has partial knowledge of topic with a lot of negative energy inside because of this “sharing” process.

Thank You!

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