Why yunohost?

Ok, I recently wrote a postnote about installing a yunohost tool onto WSL Debian OS. But I think that it should be published after “why” postnote. So lets go.

Yunohost is a tool that manages a Debian 11 installation and provide you a easy to use webGui to install web services that can be easily hosted from the server. In “normal” way you can put it on a VPS or dedicated server, or on Raspberry Pi to run software like databases, wordpress, fediverse tools just like windows apps “few install clicks and its done”.

BUT I use it in WSL enviroment so i can tinker with tools like that much easier. I don`t have to manage all requirements, all dependencies… It can install and dumb configure it for me, so I can play with a tool without losing time.

For example managing to install an mastodon instance took me few hours just to have a running instance on my RPI and it was a nightmare to configure all deps. Installing wordpress on local machine just for play with plugins is also managing with nginx/apache, sql server, maybe dns resolving, and so on.

Here i just push “install” button and have a url to an instance of software after few minutes of download and installing. The rest is done in background by some scripts created by other smart people.

Also I have a clean Y U NO Host instalation in a WSL container. I backed up a clean install so i can play with some software and … then restore a backup point to a state of clean install and play one more time or with sth else without any issues between these software tryouts.

So in few words its just an App Store that lives in a closed container and can provide a local instances of web tools. AND for me it sounds great!

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