Vanilla Games

Ok… lets see at my favourite games. And how to make them worse.

To be honest – i think that ALL games should support User Created Content – “mod” in short. But i truly hates them.

I am not a “pr0” or “hardcore” player. I am just a normie with a lazyness in my blood. I often play a game for few hours and… come back to it after half a year. Or more… or never. Also i rarely finish games. As i can list ALL games that i have EVER finished:

  • Fallout
  • Fallout 2
  • Morrowind
  • IceWind Dale
  • Fifa 98 rtwc 😉
  • Portal 2

And… there were a lot of games that i loved to play… like Oblivion, Championship/Football Managers, F1 games, Fifas, Mafia, Baldurs Gates, Tomb Raider Series, The Uncharted series, Euro Truck Sim 2, Cities:Skylines…Dirt, Forzas, and a lot more… then… why i would finish them (if possible)?

Nearly each game on some level is going to be “hard”. You know… it suspects that you have learned a lot about mechanics, about tactics, etc and you will use this knowledge. BUT…

I am playing it once a month? once a quater… and dont remember which button do what, dont remember which perk/gun/whatever is best here… so i need to check it in the internet while i have a BOSS or sth like that and…

here we comest into Youtube of Gaming… While you are trying to find any videos about Witcher, Euro Truck, Cities Skyline, any The Elder Scrolls game… you will have a headache because of mods.

Most of YT creators have their set of fav mods that makes game easier/funnier/better/whatever and you dont have it. You cannot fix your issue with their solution because… it is not supported in Vanilla gameplay. Or it can even be worse – it can BE in the game but works in different way!

I really like modding possibility in games. It helped me a lot in times of Morrowind when i can fix the game without having internet connection but just create a simple mod that fixes voice options in polish translation or drop proper item while person died… which for some reason was not working in the version that was on my CD… (thanks, Bethesda you were always that good in game testing).

I also like that modding can add new languages or … give you access to easter eggs, or better graphics or sth like that – things that not changes gameplay.

But changing gameplay and then showing letsplays of it, or making “tutor” videos on modded games… is so stupid for randoms playing a game. Oh I Hate It.

And DLCs are another level of madness sometimes. But master level of DLCs changing gameplay is in Cities:Skyline…

Today we have ~14 DLCs that changes gameplay. So if you want to start… you have few options:

  • start clean and forget about youtube
  • pay and buy all and use youtube
  • forget about game

there are also hundreds of mods… and they are so mixed with DLCs that you cannot create a proper matrix of DLC-MOD-MOVIE without spending few hours tinkering, and then try to reapply this sollution just to realize that… this random C:S player on youtube done two extra things outside of stream … so you cannot reapply his work to your city.

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