Hey! It’s me again and I have a great fuckup! Time to talk about PC user toolset and differences between different but mostly the same computers.

I have my computer which is on “as new as I can” version of Windows 11. Not an Insiders but win11 ordinary edition. I also use a corporate pc with “as new as I can W11” and I hate the differences! Its ONE year of difference between 21H2 and 22H2 system and differences are so huge that I often feel distracted by not having some “new” features of system.

Whats more? Being one-two versions back in tooling means that I dont have most WSL features – I was for a long time od Insiders Preview at my own PC for just WSL gadgets! And it maybe sounds crazy because i am talking about gadgets but… most of my WSL interaction with “gadgets” means that i can work faster using docker at custom wsl instance (not provided by docker image per se), I can easier access to my bash scripts, to my linux build tooling (which even for dotnet is faster on linux)

And its a place where things go weirdo a bit -> when you have a nice, shiny, strong PC at a desk, you know… many cores, tones of ram, fast SSD… and company says “ok but you will use it only to connect to RDP and work somewhere else” and you come to old windows server instance with 2 cores and a small ammount of ram… just enough to run this WS instance. And… I want to roooaar while i have to push “build” or “run tests” button… because i know that its time for coffee… and I will have a lot of waiting time.

Long years ago, in time of creating first computers, and IT being a university and military toy only the computing was extremely costly and labour was cheap (in comparison) so they was testing everything manually for many times and optimised all code to the bare metal. Now we have a very cheap computing cost and one of the highest costs in industry is labor… so if I want to make something I start from CI, CD, automatic tests etc… to make it as fast for human as possible. Even on hobby projects because it makes me “do a job” faster and spend less time with computer and more time with family.

Why company thinks different? And wants me to sit and wait for some computer to slowly load a project… then build it, run tests… which takes 15 minutes while on my local it would take half of a single minute? Because someone doesnt understand some of excel cells in budget area…

But I think that thats area where I can tell it ONCE to manager, then I just will spend this waiting time with book… or something else but sorry… its not my problem. I have signalised it. Now its your job.

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