Succeded failure

I am proud of the fact that now i understand. That i moved to another level of human being. I have learned that we can make a success even if the thing failed. And this is a great opportunity to learn also.

What is a failure in software development? Is it non compiling code? Is it a build that crashes on startup? Is it a build that runs and clears our database or maybe even says “Hello” to everybody who wants to get a root priviliages on our computer or whole network?

What is a success? Compiling code? All green tests? Startup? Working properly for years on customers device?

What if… we can call it a success if code breaks and never goes onto production? I have learned it lastly that I have to be proud of myself even if code fails, if my code goes red and pipeline puts this build in garbage instead of publishing it to customers.

Because it is my fucking pipeline! And I have to be proud of it. It doesnt matter if code fails if pipeline blocks this code of make any harm to my organisation and to our customers. And maybe they are not happy that they are not getting their promised update. But they are not happy for not having new feature and they are not angry and frustrated because of new bug that wipes their devices or making them in fire because of phone battery failure.

AND now you know why I am happy. Because I have not destroyed anything. And its such a big success of a day.

So please. Think about your Definition of Success/Failure. Don`t put on failure side things like “delivery off time” put there “harming customer”. Also on success side don’t put “delivery on time” put there “feature delivery” or “making it better”. And sometime sit in a nice place, while there is a great weather and such nice view … and think about “what the fuck a success is and what is a failure”. Because maybe you are harming yourself with such things that doesn’t really matters.

And have a nice day!

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