Ok. My mind blowed up. For some time i`m at mastodon and reading a lot about Fediverse and all that “open” stuff crap. And I understand the purpose, i even follow it in some places. But to be honest – i dont get one part of it.

I know that you can believe in “free internet”, I undestand it. I even support it in some ways. BUT it doesnt mean that you can get ANYTHING from internet for free and use it as you want. If I publish sth HERE on my blog. IT IS FKN COPYRIGHTED! By law and by definition. And YOU cannot take it into your site and re-publish it on other licence and without my site-parts that are attached to it.

SO if i would include here any tracking/ads/whatever and you do not like it – leave. Do not read, just go and fuck you. It is MY content and MY decision, not yours.

SO – if I see on any fedi feeds links to yewtube or any other website that steals videos from youtube – i would not use it. I will sometimes even “report to admin” for piracy because it is a piracy.

When you want to see any film from yt you should see it on yt. AND I DONT CARE if you dont like ads, tracking etc. That stuff makes cash for author and service provider. And both needs that cash to create that kind of movies and provide service to you.

If you do not like it – write an email to author for any other sources. Maybe like floatplane or others… where you will pay with cash and not with personal tracking but you still have to pay for your service somehow.

It triggers me everytime. It is the same way that do “bad guys” with publishing source code of an application after breaking into company (remember twitch for example?) and it is the wrong way to “get it”.

When you want to read a book – are you going to a bookstore and making photos of each page to “read it at home”?

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