Small break

Due to some issues coming from outside and inside of my head i had ( 😉 ) to make a small break of coding new stuff for this whole experiment/project. So JIRA is temporary paused, all coding too. I had to make some stuff on the side.

And at meanwhile of all important stuff i migrated a bit into “OpenWorld”. Thanks to some articles on the web I had moved from Twitter to Mastodon for social news shit. And it was really good move according to … much lower toxicity of discussion there.

So after hit I have removed all my likes, and will remove mostly everything from TT. But step-by-step.

Also I have cleaned up in Facebook and Instagram “following” catalogues. About 3/4 of accounts gone. Some of accounts were already dead, some was without activity (I am only reading people), some was active but… i dont need to follow them if i want to have a nice day. etc

So My “newsfeed” in socials is now about 90% shorter then week ago.

After that i decided to … move a bit forward and have moved from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox web browser both at desktop and mobile. Maybe its not as big move as these social ones but i think that – especially developers – should care about internet that is not so much centralised. So my decision was easy to do.

Whats more? I need to take a breathe.

Have a nice day my friend.

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