Scissors, Rock,..

Paper! My best friend while planning anything to do. If I want to build an app, an chair or an business model for sth. I use paper, few pens with different colors and sit with them for some time to think and make some charts etc.

After some time spent over tech stuff and preparing all tooling that you can read in last notes. Now I have sat on my ass and thought about what new to build. I`m still inside the migration process and not yet ended it.

So meanwhile I started making plan for new stuff. Also preparing tooling, etc and even planning some new tooling to be created to ease up some other development and deployment.

Now I have 12 handwritten pages of ideas, graphs, etc and two spreadsheets of numbers that should be considered as costs, possible costs, earnings, minimum earning per user to make this app live for longer then only till free tier of some app stores came on.

So I had to make some serious maths, some serious tax counts etc… Because it all needs to hold up by itself. I do not want to donating my work in long term. I am not twitt… I am not willing for development based on funding company from investors and sinking it slowly until some RPA based multi millionaire would buy it and destroy.

Aside I forgot to check for some further integrations of bitbucket so… maybe there will be another discovery note if I will need to spend more then 30 minutes on that. I will need to check for a way to make docs for a projects, have ONE calendar and ONE place to hold all informations between project, and have a easy (lol) way to separate single projects out from my stack if needed.

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