As I recently wrote in another post I have to make decisions on Repo, CICD, and few more stuff. Here it comes.

To be honest I didn’t check all options. I’m both too lazy and too afraid to go to some niche places that would end up without support for some platforms. So what I have checked out?

  • AzureDevOps
  • GitHub (its still not the same)
  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab
  • Codebase
  • JetBrains space
  • Perforce

Lets start from the end. Perforce … i dont care. They have stupid chat bot that pings you every few seconds on the website. Also pricing is available as you give them all your personal data and a kidney. Fuck off

JetBrains looks nice, I have tried some features but… In free plan you cannot buy additional compute time for example. So I cannot move flawlessly from free to paid. I should start free and go into fully paid offer for ~120€/yr + Additional build time.

Codebase was not even tested. I only saw the price: 288€/yr for only git hosting… thanks

GitLab was my favourite before research. I can do anything i need for free and pay only for additional build time. Also I can run my own build agent for specific build types. And for $228/yr there is a lot of helpers for cicd and a lot of build time each month. Looks great for me.

Bitbucket is a platform that i worked a lot with. Maybe its a tool that i worked most of all from this list even. But I didn`t like a CICD UI back in the days. But after short test… Free tier + pay for build time looks great. Also there are custom Runners to make a build outside of Attlassian cloud. So…

Github is … my “no go” platform same as Azure due to some Microsoft actions in the past including removal of repositories that doesn’t break the law and ToS… but MS thought different. But it has CICD, it can be free tier + pay as you build so they looks ok. But not for me.


So I think i will choose BitBucket for now and think about alternatives only if I’ll grow up enough to see any cons.

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