Read First Principle

I am learning a lot in last … funny. I wanted to write “days” then “weeks” then “months” and it comes out that since i’m in IT industry… I am learning something each day for years… I think even that I had no learning streak with that number of weeks while at school. But lets go.

Today I want to write sth about Read First rule. Its very simple rule that I have found usable in my first or second IT job and now, I am using it mostly outside of job as it is more usable at real life or social media.

When I have any problem while coding, while managing some arch or maybe while creating some new solution I try to first READ full description of this problem. SO my steps are:

  1. Check whats going on (whats the problem)
  2. write everything what you know about it
  3. READ IT slowly
  4. think about solutions.

This third part is most important for me -> READ a written solution. It makes so much difference while working on anything. Because I had to spend time to understand it good enough to write it. So now I can read it -> i am passing it BOTH by creative part of brain (writing) and by this lazy part that can only focus on perfect conditions (reading).

And after passing problem through my whole brain i most often have one of two ways:

  1. solution in my mind
  2. Good enough understanding that I can create an easy to understand topic for others

And yes, I try to follow this while having other issues. Non computer ones. I am following it while commenting on social media etc…

Oh and it works for me. Also remember – every “great solution” from internet is great for its creator and not for every person worldwide. Like scrum, agile, tdd, yoga, lsd, chillout, and many other shitty buzzwords that are great for some, and not for all.

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