We all heard, and some of us know, about businesses that works based on facebook and connects to customers via Zucks Platform. It has to be stable and well documented how it works right? Lol

And i was involved in discussion about blogosphere few days ago, and about this shitty concept of “login for comment”. I think that everybody in whole internet hates it. Also most of us hates login with… functionality of Facebook, Twitter, Google…

So why One would not implement “comment with ActivityPubProtocol” so we can do it with our Mastodon accounts…

Yup it still requires some “third party” account. Its not making my blog, a small, independent, island. But maybe its better? Everyone can read and these who have ONE kind of account can comment?

Where is different to Fb/Tt/G login? Mostly in “its not from bigEvilCorp” but…

WHY not to use blogging engine that is INSIDE of Fediverse like…

Yup, like Mastodon. I am writing text only. I have my own instance now. I can push lenght limit of single post into really awkard level.

It still would be publicly available content.

It still needs ActivityPub to comment

But it will make “One-Thread-Only” for comments. Because implementing APComments into WordPress makes duplication of discussion between native WP comments and these in Fediverse

Shit…. its a good idea. Need to think about it…

Oh and it still make content orbiting around some social media platform. Like these businesses on Facebook.

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