I have always wanted to move from blogging into voice or video form of publishing. I have tried to making vlogs – but it failed miserably – as i hated to sit on the PC after recording and making these short parts into one big film.

Also i have tried to make audio logs, but… despite of podcasting platforms, i have never discoered how to publish audioLogs in any form that will be easy to listen and not annoy people.

So after three or four times there is another one. I have a list of topics to talk about, and now i have preparing talking points into these topics in my new, sweet, and cute Jira dashboard. Whats more i have prepared already my mobile to take it both in video and audio so I can just record all and then decide if it will be Audio-only or Vlog form.

But still i have no idea WHERE to publish. For v-logs its easy – we have only ONE platform that is suitable for that and its YouTube. But for audio ones? I really hate spotify. I will not get into apple getto. So I think that… I may start with WordPress and mp3 file with dedicated RSS channel to post it into googlePodcasts and other platforms?

Also maybe I should manage some time to extend my knowledge on the “using DSLR to record video”… But it will be needed later. First I have to find way to get out these small deamons from my head that tells me that my voice is stupid and i shouldnt publish it.

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