Once a year…

There have to come to this day. This day when i need to fight against deamons…

My everyday computer is a laptop. Nice one Lenovo Legion series laptop with 8 cores, GTX, a lot of ram and two nvme ssd`s. Nice, fast one, even if 3 years old. But using laptop have its implications in life.

So every year i need to make some discover. I need to explore half of the internet to … find same stuff as last year. I don`t know how it comes but i NEVER remember what size of thermopads Lenovo used in that, so i am digging thru my old buying history, and this laptop media coverage… reddit… and always have the same shitty info.

Some sources say “1mm” some “1,5” and some “2” in same place. And there are three different types so it goes wild pretty easy into number of permutations.

So today is a day of “i received” package with all, opening a computer, measure “last time” buy, swap and after all… put my note in calendar for next year… with measures. Time to end this madness.

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