How much networking one needs? Who are the one? One organisation, one family, one person… Lets go

One wired network? Its a good idea for devices that need low ping or high bandwith. Gaming PC, Console, TV… all these devices that can utilize full gbps and/or needs ping below 20ms to server on the other side of the world. Ok.

One wireless network? Maybe two… because you want to have high bandwith on your mobile, so we go into 5GHz frequency for them, and maybe for tablet? Because netflix and youtube can use it. Also lets build 2.4GHz for backwards compatibility as much devices that we use can not know 5GHz. Older console like PS3, guests with older laptops to fix, parents with older mobiles…

What about… having another 2.4GHz network without internet connectivity for your home Internet of Shit things? All these switches, fridges, bulbs, coffee pots, toilet paper dispensers… that whole hole of shit. And I have a good pros for that network.

If some part of your house IoT works properly you should NOT give it access to the internet. Because too often corporations sends broken updates or just “disables” functions of your device. Also why anyone from network should even have possibility to try to get into them? It is much more secure to NOT connect them into internet.

If we set all of the home network properly we can have access from our 5GHz and main 2.4GHz networks to this “closed” network and NOT give access from secure network to internet. Cut it out.

I am not telling you to make it air-gapped because we want to have possibility to just use our mobile to change lights using smart bulb. But also we dont want to make it easy to update this new shiny bulb with new software that introduces subscription fee if you want other color than radioactive green. And if you laughed… think about it. It is possible the same way as “some” phone manufacturer decided that now batteries have only 80% of capacity to solve overheating issue, or some car manufacturer decided that you should not have any more access to some driving assistance functionalities any more…

And its why i needed to manage to have this separation – i do not want to loose any functionality of MY items. If I will ever need to make an update to bulb or any other stuff… i will do it. I will just get this ONE item, put it into open network and give it update, or i`ll do it old way using a PC, connecting by cable and update.

But if I OWN an item. No one will take any functions out of it without MY consent.

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