My life – my rules

Ok so I like to work on my personal space. And i`m not talking about home office but about spending time working on my personal setup of my desk, of my workstation and of software/scripts/etc that works for me. This time i need to check out how the hell get rid of “i`m publishing newsletter and not a blog because i’m too smart to be stupid blogger”.

It started in PL dev community few years ago after one of financial specialist showed that email/newsletter marketing and “creating group of readers” is more profit to the author then a blog.

“Special offers only to subscribers” and so on… after that it goes viral inside IT and we have this mess today. Now i want to have an service that is “email to RSS feed transcript” so i will not have spam on my personal mail BUT i will receive messages from this stream.

Why? Because Jakub disabled telegram bot some time ago and i still want link-newsletters from him 😀 and it was a trigger but i didn`t have time to solve this issue.

So i have selfhosted KillTheNewsletter tool and joined my RSS reader with newsletters from all services that i wanted.

God… I have spend about 5? 10? minutes on this AND moved over 20 newsletters and … it is great! As from now they will be backuped (my RSS reader db is backuped), will hold history, will not make me mad on “oh newsletter when i do not want to read it”, and will be much easier to push onto my kindle (thunderbird to pocket synchro and then

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