Was talking with friend of mine about work, interviews etc. Just normal vibes with best friend, who also works in same it industry.

And there is one thing that ive already knew but never thought about. People that wan’t to work 8-16 and DON’T mind any more. Just go back home, play with kids, go walk with dog, get nervous about politics … and don’t care about it, job, etc.

For clearly all time that I spend in IT a have been surrounded by people that cares a lot about self-learning, getting better, discovery new technologies, new frameworks etc… and now i also see these who just wan’t to work and go home. And… I was shocked about it.

To be clear – I DO NOT demand anybody to learn, and tinker till late night. Just i wonder how someone can work in such fast moving industry for years without sacrificing of its own time to learn new things. Of course you don’t need to sit with all these new js frameworks etc, but we have so many nice tools now that one can use to simplify and make our work much easier. All CI/CD pipelines, GIT, Ansible, containers, metrics, isAlive verifiers, testing envs…

Tens of technologies that came alive in last decade and moving really fast forward and most of them will stay with us. Just because they solve problems with giving us less oportinities to make mistakes. CICD with ansible and containers can deliver exactly same output on each deployment for years. Tools for metrics and monitoring can support us on each day maintanance and even with good previous point can automagically restart faulty instance of an app or stop it, push email to human and in meanwhile (before we can check whats with this one) can start a brand new one for replacement… and all of these in matter of seconds.

Now I’m thinking about how much I wan’t to spend over work. Work described as brutto time – work, commute, and learning. Is it 8 hours like in the law for work plus commute time. Do I really have to spend my time after hours? Will I be happy with that? Without spending time tinkering over my ESP32 boards? Without reading these great books that I already have on the shelf? Without all these stuff that I am doing for years and was doing even before working in industry?

How to define it? How to find this sweet spot between being all time in work (inside my mind) and not spending any time on my own learning process outside of work. Which I think is a good way to go outside of business and become a lazy potato 😉

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