Good Bye Eurosport?

At 27th of May 2014 i have created my “EurosportPlayer” account. And the story has ended…
At the beggining i have paid 12.99PLN for a month – and i had it till the end of September, so tour de France, Vuelta… and races between like tour de Pologne.
Then I had access to Eurosport in Cable or some other way. I don`t remember but in 2017 i bought this “Poland Annual Pass – Standard” for 34.50/year. I had annual renewals with similiar prices at about 40-50 PLN year to year with… delays while “covid” comes into play.

Delays -> i mean that Eurosport “gave” us 4 or 5 months extra time of access due to lack of ANY sport events during this global lockdown time when there was NO live events globally. And came back to “counting days of year period” while they can stream sport live.

And last time i saw Eurosport at my account was…

10th March 2022 – 69PLN

And it was ok. I hoped that they forgot about this platform and it will “just work” in the niche of long living customers. But unfortunatly corporate doesnt forgot. I got my cashback few days ago and also a “promo code” for full year of “Eurosport Extra” on another platform -> Player[.]pl

Player is polish streaming platform owned by Discovery Group (Eurosport, ITI, TVN, and a lot of other media groups that are owned by Discovery) so now i have this “free year” as march-march i had paid, and full january-january i have for free in addition.

BUT i have checked the pricing of new platform for my precious Eurosport content… and it is a lot more precious for Player than for me -> same package is going from 69/year to 179/year same currency (PLN) and … i do not think that i will go with this raise next year just for 6 events in a year.

I do watch polish matches in tennis and three grand tours of cycling. And thats all. I lost my interest in “winter” sports like Snooker, Curling and Biathlon in recent years, and dont have time to watch even these tennis and cycling events live so i am mostly watching them as “recap” late at night. So…

multiplying cost by 2,5 times… will not be “ok” for me.

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