“Please make feedback as soon as possible” you can hear at induction process to a lot of companies. It’s a bit fun when you really feel that this feedback is important.

How often you see people ready to hear that this project should be dead and its just wasting of clients money? Or maybe that project is a clone of opensource project and maybe we should use something that exist and maybe just put few bucks into this developer wallet for some customizations instead of working for a year on something that still will be worse than OSS alternative?

Yup. Its rare and often ends in a bad way. You can be treated as traitor that doesn’t want to push project forward or a defetist.

Now i have a great experience with this kind of shit. I made this feedback. Project is shit. We are doing a job that should not be done in a way that should not be allowed and just burning time and client cash… and after making feedback i heard that we should do what client wants and client want this stupid rewrite.

My motivaton died. People just works like it is ok. Pretends that this work will be ever used and will work properly. And I hate wasting resources. We are killing our planet each day and now they want me to destroy some small part by using human, power, etc resources to burn this shit forward, push to production and after few weeks, maybe months put it into IT garbage vel /dev/null and just work normally.

Do we really want to work that way? Do we have? It’s stupid!

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