Docker WSL support

First of all – yes i DO like WSL
Second – yes i DO like docker
Third – yes i DO like powershell

And just to be clear – I am NOT forced to tell this.

After you succesfully install docker inside your WSL ubuntu. And you will be good with all the mess and shit that comes with that (iptables-legacy, resolv.conf etc…) you may want to use docker on BOTH systems in the same way. Just typing

docker run hello-world

and run this stupid docker inside your linux WSL VM… so please follow me now and go into

notepad $PROFILE

and type in:

function Start-docker {
wsl docker $args
Set-Alias -name 'docker' -Value 'Start-docker'

And make your life easier.

Because now you can use your scripts on both systems, now you can use your powershell without getting into wsl, and you can use your Visual Studio shell… yup.

Have a nice day.

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