For last days I`m discovering a lot of tools. To be honest – after leaving twitter and joining Mastodon I needed to read, search and learn a lot about ActivityPub to have enough knowledge to share my thougts in this – new to me – place.

So as Mastodon works for me pretty well – I don`t have there any dramas in my feed, blocking shitty accounts works great, no one in my circle shares shitposts… I tried to learn about other tools in the universe.

WriteFreely – ActivityPub based blogging platform is not for me for example. In WordPress I trust ๐Ÿ˜‰ also I hate CSS ๐Ÿ˜‰ and just want to stay “really” on mine. And hosting WF looks not as easy as WP.

Pixelfed – Oh that looks great but… oh outside of “first look” it is terrible. If install process have about 10 pages of A4 sheets… it cannot be good right?

I grow up on Windows devices with some WordPress usage and then become an VBA macro specialist and now I`m working as dotnet developer… And if I would ship an application that have so terrible install process I will have to look for a new job.

Of course its “community based” project and people who develop this are specialists of building, installing and using this software so they dont need to improve this part. I belive that they have automatic scripts to build new instances to test code changes but … for a new guy in the city – I would never use software that needs few hours of tinkering to install. Sorry bro

BUT i found some nice soft also

Plausible – analytics tool for websites. (Install in 6 commands only ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), small, easy, looks like Google Analytics and oriented on privacy, GDPR compliance, and being lightweight.

Yunohost – operating system that i`m now managing to run in VM on my laptop. It is great tool to self-hosting software on VPS but for me it looks great to have it in the VM and to use it for testing software, how to manage services how to make migrations between tools etc.

And in the end – it`s hard to “get back” to writing. So lets start from something easy and go on with future posts. One by One. Like eating elephant.

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