Each spreadsheet have cells. And you are in many different spreadsheets… or database record or… you are always only number, cost, or a puzzle for someone in some organisation. For company that employes you, for company that uses your software or for government. And you can be a big, valuable, cell, or minor one that “oh its just a few pennys…”.

So let count these pennies and … why the fuck you are going to Attlasian software and … so on?

I want to make software that:

  1. makes money
  2. have purpose
  3. work properly

And with that said if my soft makes money, it can use tools that also cost. I do not have to find free tooling and manage how to connect different free tools… if I can pay someone that managed it for me… and will maintain it. And I can focus on doing sth else.

I thought that that is normal that you pays for your tools. And if you can “get” it you pay once, as you brought them. Or if you are buying tool with support you pays a subscription fee that we all hate so much while its coming into netflix, youtube, spotify etc… but its like gas for your car. You bought tool, now you need fuel for it, or nails to your hammer. They dont came with.

So i decided to go “full pro” into Atlassian suite for few reasons. First of all its free for beggining. So it have very low come-in level. Its VERY popular across the world so there is a lot of tools that works with it. It is easy to find people who knows how to use it. There is a lot of docs in the net for this tools even from OUTSIDE of atlassian. And its quite … cheap to use when we have more people to work with.

Paying in PerUser way is for starting up projects is much… easier to manage. When you are not thinking about server licence for (for example) few k usd just to start working with. I can pay none at day 0 and pay when it will generate some money.

On the other side ofcourse if you want to migrate existing stuff to this model… it can be really hard to think about 100+ people fee /user/month while you had bought ONE TIME server licence and works on it for few years so cost was already forgotten and now you will have a big invoice each month.

But what was we talking about? Money and value right?

So now first of most important Confluence pages for me are “Costs” where i put everything. Current costs with domain, with CI/CD, with hosting, and possible costs of PerUser licencing of tools that i use – even if they are still in free tier to know what will happen when everything will grow up.

And all of these being One Person who didnt yet started to pushing commits of his idea to repository, building and pushing to application stores… and meanwhile there are big tech companies that relay on “financial investments” because they don’t know that thay should focus on “how to monetize”… and have a drama of “20$ blue logo” lol

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