Category: TechNote

  • Samsung Shit…

    First, and most important – i have NOT found/discovered/developed ANY of the solutions described below. All comes from three threads from XDA-Developers Forums and are linked below. Here is just a summary of them to make a decision of buying or not a samsung watch easier. All stuff below WORKS today -> 19th of April […]

  • Mastodon`s S3

    Hey today we have a short story about Mastodon instance changing its S3 instance between providers. I have moved from S3 Free Tier (up to 25Gb while writing it) into Oracle Free Tier VPS with 200GB storage with minio S3 app. First of all I need to tell you that I WAS HAPPY for […]

  • bitwarden – rescue!

    Hey – i had a problem… i forgot master password to birwarden vault… and here is a short note how to export vault without password. FIRST important note – you need to have ability to login into your web vault without password – using mobile authentication, yubikey or any other way… I have used “login […]

  • Vs

    Long time ago… In a blog post far far away… So it was last week. I wrote about stealing intelectual property from people that deserves their payments. Today we will have a small followup of this idea. Nice person from Iceland wrote years ago a plugin to most browsers that helps in “on the fly […]

  • Docker WSL support

    First of all – yes i DO like WSLSecond – yes i DO like dockerThird – yes i DO like powershell And just to be clear – I am NOT forced to tell this. After you succesfully install docker inside your WSL ubuntu. And you will be good with all the mess and shit that […]

  • Yunohost@WSL2

    Ok lets go with this now. But first i need to tell ONE IMPORTANT THING: DO NOT USE IT ON PROD. ITS FOR LOCALHOST TESTING/DIY/TINKERING ONLY! Ok. And it will NOT be secure ofcourse Lets Go. Ill try to explain on the go. First i suppose that you already have WSL2 -> and now […]