Dear friends… don’t fuck up yourself. I’m reading recently a lot about recession, wave of fires in IT, popping of IT bubble one more time… And … hey don’t be idiots.

Income > Outcome

Its that simple for most cases. I know its not “silicon valley way” of “grow as fast as possible and try to sell it to some idiot that will pay us a cash and we can live rich life and company is not our problem anymore”. But its a way of creating a business that can feed us, our families, our kids… for years.

Sorry but i am a huge fan of making things reliable, not a “bank robbery way”.

And now we can read about Twitter a lot… they simply burns ANY ammount of money they get from the market. Asana? Same… and a lot of other “quick growing” companies (or frauds?) are going that way of “get money from funds” try to grow and MAYBE later think about income..

but HEY

most important part of building a company is profit and without profit company becomes a drawning ship. If you are not thinking about profit from very first day YOU WILL FAIL or (if you are very lucky) you will be bought.

If you fail you can have very big debt to pay… if you will be bought… it is possible that cash will go into your debt and not your wallet.

So please. Think first. And maybe don’t create another “internet bubble”… just make a profit, hire people, make these people happy working for you and… your clients will be happy too while paying you… or will not be happy but will still pay because they know that your product is best value/price.

And NO. Cheap/Free is not a best price. Not for business and NOT for customer. Because no customer wants to store data on an service that will end one day because of no cash.

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