I have learnd computers in “ol good times” of boxes. Software that i get have to be good to be shipped to customers because there were no possibility to make updates.

No “online” updates, no ongoing development, no place for this current shit. And world worked pretty well.

When you take software from 1997 it works. Mostly. Because sometimes it needs specific hardware, sometimes some DLL that was common 25 years ago is not any more in new Windows but… it should “just work”. And its the difference between 25 years ago and novadays.

I have downloaded some photo editing software that was shipped few weeks ago. Run it once on my “desktop” environment -> laptop with connected mouse, keyboard, second monitor… and third monitor. Played a bit. It worked nice. BUT when I tried to run it second time it started by default on this additional screen. You know +3000px right 😉 But this time my laptop was on “travel” mode … so i had NO additional screens, no second keyboard… And it was so “cool” that it doesnt use default windows behaviours (thanks Corel!) and now im stuck with application that CANNOT be moved into visible area…

I dont know if it is a fuckup by Corel that doesnt use default Windows behaviours, or Microsoft who allows to put app outside visible area. But both corporations went into this “rolling distribution” software crap and … you cannot just live with ONE version… or maybe Service Pack (once for two years) edition… but you have twenty updates each week and often you just want to cry seeing “updates…” on bootup.

Guys please… come back to this great times of TESTED and WORKING software… please.

I really want to work on my laptop, and not wait for hundreds of updates to download after a weekend, I hate when you all stop my dev work while I want to do things in GOOD way.

Please. THINK before ACT..

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