bitwarden – rescue!

Hey – i had a problem… i forgot master password to birwarden vault… and here is a short note how to export vault without password.

FIRST important note – you need to have ability to login into your web vault without password – using mobile authentication, yubikey or any other way… I have used “login with device” on my Firefox.

Go to Tools -> Export and choose your preffered way of export – json or csv (without password! it is important)

Now we need to be geeky Right Mouse Button -> Inspect gives us “developer tools” (in firefox, chrome… etc, in edge you need to press f12 first)

Go to Debugger (in the top of dev tools) then in left panel we will find this path:
WebPack/BitWarden/web-vault/source/app/tools/import-export and click on export.component.ts

Find line with

const userVerified = await this.verifyUser();

and press on the line number that is on the left side. It will make a “breakpoint” in this place.

Now you can press “Confirm Format” button on the website. When it will stop on breakpoint you need to go into “Console” tab in your developer Tools and write


and press enter.

Now (depends on your browser settings) you will get a prompt to save your exported vault or it will be downloaded already. You can close everything and have a nice day with your downloaded data 😀

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