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  • Samsung Shit…

    First, and most important – i have NOT found/discovered/developed ANY of the solutions described below. All comes from three threads from XDA-Developers Forums and are linked below. Here is just a summary of them to make a decision of buying or not a samsung watch easier. All stuff below WORKS today -> 19th of April […]

  • Oh… eS

    How much time do I need to install operating system on my laptop? Maybe an hour… for everything from “i would…” to “done”. Including creating bootable USB drive and installing software (maybe without these few 30GB+ installers). And it doesnt matter if i will install Windows 10, 11 or one of these most known linux […]

  • Originals!

    I`m a programmer. And i like to think about myself as a programmer… but what does it mean? How does it change my perception how… And doesnt matter? Look, I work for people. For a company that employees me, for this company customer and for their customers. And while working, while thinking about abstracts, while […]

  • Vanilla Games

    Ok… lets see at my favourite games. And how to make them worse. To be honest – i think that ALL games should support User Created Content – “mod” in short. But i truly hates them. I am not a “pr0” or “hardcore” player. I am just a normie with a lazyness in my blood. […]

  • Photo?

    Would you like to make me a photo? No? I love to walk with my DSLR and make photos. But i need to be a good mood for that. To even start. Also I need a lot of time, I need to have nothing else to do. This have to be ONLY thing that i […]

  • Once a year…

    There have to come to this day. This day when i need to fight against deamons… My everyday computer is a laptop. Nice one Lenovo Legion series laptop with 8 cores, GTX, a lot of ram and two nvme ssd`s. Nice, fast one, even if 3 years old. But using laptop have its implications in […]

  • Orbiting

    We all heard, and some of us know, about businesses that works based on facebook and connects to customers via Zucks Platform. It has to be stable and well documented how it works right? Lol And i was involved in discussion about blogosphere few days ago, and about this shitty concept of “login for comment”. […]

  • Mastodon`s S3

    Hey today we have a short story about Mastodon instance changing its S3 instance between providers. I have moved from S3 Free Tier (up to 25Gb while writing it) into Oracle Free Tier VPS with 200GB storage with minio S3 app. First of all I need to tell you that I WAS HAPPY for […]

  • Good Bye Eurosport?

    At 27th of May 2014 i have created my “EurosportPlayer” account. And the story has ended… At the beggining i have paid 12.99PLN for a month – and i had it till the end of September, so tour de France, Vuelta… and races between like tour de Pologne. Then I had access to Eurosport in […]

  • M1

    This will not be a story about apples. This will be a fork of Bobikos Mastodon story. IE – why i hate ownhosting stuff. And why i moved to ownhosting mastodon server. First look – because i know that my perspective will change in next days so… I want to show both “now” and “after […]